Warmness On The Soul

Different people are brought up differently, having different opinions about different things.

Some may think that by getting back to the people they used to love and cared about is something that they would be proud of. But personally i think it’s childish. I was being brought up with love, full of it. Even though i came from a broken family, never did i lack the love that i’m supposed to receive from my parents. They gave me endless love. I was being taught to love and treat other people with love. No matter how nasty they ever did to me. Getting back at them wouldn’t be something that i would be proud of. Yes, i do get angry and pissed, i cuss and curse them for that short moment. But what do i ever get? I felt pain deep inside. The sting i always get when i’m angry. I went for the next option, which is to pray for them. As they are the group of people who needs love more than i do.

Everyone has their own way in achieving and understanding things. Some aren’t good in expressing themselves in words. They may express it differently, like in letters, blogs, songs or arts.

I personally prefer expressing in letters or in my art. As i am able to express it and not feeling nervous or breaking down at the end of the day. Which will lead to another misunderstanding as certain things were left unsaid.

I love the feeling of getting to know/learning the guy i’m dating with. He may influence me in the things he do.

Yet again i was brought up to be supportive and always motivating the people around me, especially when they mean something to me. Giving encouraging and positive words to brighten up their day or the situation?

I love to see people around me happy. It makes me happy and brightens up my day. 🙂 It’s like balloons flying up high in the sky. Ya know that kinda feeling? =.=

One thing for sure. Just be nice to the people around us. If they ever hurt you emotionally. Be strong. If they aren’t worth your tears, don’t cry but fight it. Always look on the bright side to it and not ponder over it. If they ever make you angry, relax and pray for them.

Nothing ever comes good if you play with fire. You’ll eventually get burnt and die. So why burn your soul? Ease it with good music or with the things you love doing. It’s always better that way.

It’s always awesome learning the people around you. You may never know how to react to it, what to say, Either amused or you just feel like slapping that person ass. Heh..

Life’s awesome. Be Awesome.
– NEVER hate, be greedy, judgmental, rushing for things, ignorant, selfish or unreasonable.

Always respect the people around you. Do things with pride and passion. And feel honored. 🙂

Good week ahead people.


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