Happy Birthday Ibu

It’s my one and only and awesome mummy’s birthday today. This post is specially for you mum..

I know you are going through a lot of things now, i know i am of no help at the time being and i am sorry for that. I know that i’ve been a bad child, been giving you problems after one and another. Although i know it’s bad and such and i know that it will hurt you, i still did it. i am sorry for that.

You are the best mum i ever had. All the effort and sacrifices you did for me and for this family. You are awesome mum. You are my superwoman! You are strong deep inside, you are forgiving, you’re a good nagger (:P) but i know it’s best for us. although how bad the situation gets, you are strong enough to pull it through. you are a strong mother and father to us.

You always want the best for us ever since you gave birth to us all. You taught us well in terms of life. being able to take care of of ourselves when we’re alone outside. always worrying about us whenever we aren’t home. you always sacrifice everything for us. i am very much touched for that. always praying the best for us. and all i did was to make you cry. i feel ashamed for not being able to take care of your feelings. i will try to make things better now. i know i can.

I am sorry for making you cry, making you angry and ruin your day or night, making you worried, making you lose trust in me, and for all the disappointments. i am really sorry.

I know that you always mean well for us. it’s just that i am too rebellious.  🙂 i need your guidance mum, i need your support now. i need you mum. and i never wanna lose you. i wanna see you grow old, see my future childrens (insya’allah). i wanna see you everyday when i wake up and before i go to bed.

i love you mum, very very much.

this will be in malay – kakak doa kan semoga ibu panjang umur, murah rezeki, semoga dijauhi segala penyakit, dan semoga ibu selalu senyum. insya’allah kakak akan berubah dan kakak boleh membawa senyuman pade ibu setiap hari. terima kasih ibu untuk segala. tanpa ibu, tiada laa kakak, adik-adik dan tidak dapat laa kita bertemu. 


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