Do things with Passion, or not at all wherever you go,
go with all your heart.

Do you get that sentence and meaning? I do my stuffs with passion and with pride and i am very proud of it. Every single detail and every single move made is with passion. No matter how i get pissed and annoyed with what i do, it pays off. 🙂

currently am getting back and learning my photoshop skills. i am planning to go somewhere with this someday. that i promised myself. when i have the money, i am gonna make my dreams come true.

when i was young, i wanted to be a doctor. why? cos i was curious each time my mum or dad sent me to the clinics for a visit. the equipments they used on me. i love the stethoscope the most! i love listening to my heart pump. exciting! up till today, i hate injections! i don’t mind the needles but not the liquids that’s gonna be pushed in my body! it hurts.

so that explains why am not scared when it comes to piercing uh! hahaha! i love piercing! the awesome feeling i get! heh heh~ sick i know. 😛

since young my parents sent me to art classes after school and i would draw basically anywhere at all. been playful since young, i hated books. and till now i still do. haha! i hate reading when the story doesn’t interest me. example history. but once am interested. all out bebeh. haha!

so, i pursued in arts, had awesome marks since primary school till secondary school. pursued in ITE and did kinda badly as i was influenced with the environment there. my bad! i regretted not studying well. but i can still pursue in it. insya’allah. 🙂

so now, am doing my self study, learning by books, tutorials and videos from youtube. making the effort to learn things doesn’t make me lose anything at all. while not making one, i lose loads of knowledge to it and skills.

so i am upgrading myself slowly and am gonna get my gadgets ready! ohhh! how i love getting new gadgets! 🙂 will play around with it and i will bored after a while. hahah! same goes to my phone and lappy and camera.. name it.

so as i was saying my dreams… heh heh… well.. it’s into designing and manufacturing. that’s all i can say about my dreams.

goodnight people. live your dreams!

do excuse my english as i’m pretty much distracted now. 🙂


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