In The Dark

When i’m in love, i will get over possessive, getting worked out almost over anything at all, and not to mention selfish but still in a reasonable way laa! =.= So long as i’m still able to control all of above that, i’m not deeply in love. and if i don’t even have any of that,  i’m wasting my time laa. =.=  In general once i start caring, making the initiative, when i am bothered about something, saying i love you (and all of the other sweet words) and calling you pet names. You caught me, just the start of it. I know that i don’t date any other guys when i’m dating one. It’s just a principle i hold on to. And i’m proud of that. ^^

From what i believe, to love someone is to accept them as they are. If you chose to be bothered about their past then you should prolly reflect on yourself first. Are you that perfect in your past? To love someone is the best feeling you can ever get, day in day out just about him/her, smiling to yourself just when you think about him/her. But to be receiving back the love you have for them is the most AWESOME feeling ever you can ever get. But ya know, sometimes, humans take advantage of this. Which is somehow pretty sad. The mind kills, the heart is purely in love. Sometimes it’s just so complicated just by thinking of it. The best is to know what you want and how far would you go for the relationship. If not, just date yo?

Hope, i no longer hope. Hoping is expecting something. Why expect something when you know you wouldn’t get it and disappoint yourself? Girls just love hoping. Stop it lor?

Expectations, everyone has it. Everyone. Once you know that particular person, understand the situation and lets hope that you won’t expect too much. Or else disappointed again. Like the fuck? And you’ll be depressed and same shit happen over and over again?

Trust, it plays a strong part in everyone’s life, be it friends, families, neighbors, colleagues, even your pet animal. Gain it and keep it. Never break it. It sucks when you have to make the person trust you again without doubts.

Communication, very important, in anything at all. You should talk whenever there’s a dispute. Don’t keep it and hope for things to get better laa. Till judgement day it’ll still be the same. =.=

What’s up with the post? I just got inspired while i was showering. Random. But with what i went thru in the past few years. I’ve learnt.

I’ve learnt not to hope, not to fall too hard, not to promise, not to keep the sweet words, not to live in the fantasy world. Life’s awesome. You just gotta appreciate it. Love the life you’re living in and things are just gonna go your way, either way, you still can work it out and run your life.

Cheer up for those with negative thoughts, those thoughts kills. Be positive in whatever situation you’re in.
Never assume, never have doubts, never be negative and most importantly, never ever give up.

Be strong and alive and whatever yo!


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