Obstacles In Life

Good afternoon humans! How’s life been for you?
Mine has been so awesome so far. Like seriously so awesome. Who says that single life is boring? It doesn’t when you have great friends and one hot date by your side. Awesome people by your side. And the best part, having your family by your side. I love y’all!

So, here’s something that I’m gonna share.. I am going for a short getaway tomorrow. 🙂 pretty much awesome with the people I’m going with.  It’s been so long since I went out of my country with a group of friends. Missed it.

I no longer see the reason of being in a relationship when it’s gonna be in and out. There’s no guarantee that you’d marry that person. It isn’t wrong to be holding on to someone, to look up to someone every time you wake up. Being able to smile to someone’s text. Well life isn’t that hard nor complicated if you choose not to. You choose your path in life.

If you chose to be in a relationship, commit yourself to it. There’ll be the time whereby everything in the world just go so wrong. But you gotta stand up strong and fight for it. I’ve learnt not to follow too much of my emotions. But it’s a mistake too, as I tend to overlook certain issues. That’s when I get taken advantage of. And when I put my emotions aside, I’ll be too heartless. =.= I AM SO FUCKING WEIRD. Maybe I’m not over certain things that happened to me in the past. But my past never ever failed me to be a better and stronger person in life.

If you chose to be single, it’s pretty simple, get to know people around you. Never give hope to anyone. Live your life to the fullest. And the most critical thing, never rush into a relationship. Learn from the past. That’s why we have memories.

Single life is awesome laa. Not committed to anything, yes you’d care for people around you. I mean, I care for most of the people who close to me. And there’s like a lot of them. =.= I love my people. There’s always a reason why you meet this person. A reason why you are attracted to them. But at times, you get too scared due to your past experience. So there comes trust, believe and faith. You just gotta believe in yourself and have faith in that person.

At times, whenever I look back at myself years ago. I would just smile and laugh at certain things. How things could be so simple, so complicated, so tough.. I took the path, it’s up to me who is gonna change it for my own future. I believe that I would be someone who is able to take more than I could and go through life even better than I am now.

Challenges is a must in life, without it, what’s life man?


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