its 5.14am in the morning and I am here all alone waiting for the first train. It’s pretty quiet when no one is around, even so people are just reading their newspaper or doing their stuffs, example like me. Blogging on my mobile.

I’ve come to terms about me not having a partner in life. How wonderful it may or may not be. I’m pretty scared to be committed to another relationship. I wouldn’t rush into things. Forget about settling down. Haha.. Now that’s a laugh for sure. It’s kinda awesome to be single.

I have someone in my mind right now actually. I don’t think it’s one sided. It may be. It may be at the same time. It’s making me have a hard time. Thanks to my previous relationship, I have learnt a lot. I have doubts and worries for my next. I am sorry to my upcoming new future boyfriend. Lol..

Well it’s not a laughing matter. Guys, they are pretty fucked up. I saw a guy who is attached, cheated in front of my eyes. What else do you guys have to prove to us girls?

Good day people. Just beware of the people around you..


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